HNJ was the imagination and pipe dream of a young talented goldsmith in China. He had a visionary force and inspiration, to fill the world with creativity, light, colour, glamour and sophistication. He saw jewelry as not a cold metal object, but the work of a creative mind, the work of a craftsman in a labour of love.
With his entrepreneurial foresight, artistic flair and skill he identified and evaluated where opportunities lay around the world, a world he chose to conquer and achieve his dream. The company has now been operating for 35 years and has become a Global player within the jewelry industry.


HNJ’s philosophy is building strong professional values and looking for new strategies to evolve in order to make a difference and bring success and long term customer relationships. This is what we believe is a key to our success.
We have an excellent reputation in terms of jewelry design and manufacture. "We listen to our customers" and in this highly competitive industry, strive to work in unison creating affordable and creative jewelry.


We are heading towards a digital future, where we must progress from technological innovation, in industrial manufacturing terms, to digital innovation. Our commitment to the highly competitive global scenario is integrity and quality product with reliability and creative designs, to develop within the world of jewelry.
We aim to manufacture quality products delivered at the right time! right place! and right quality. We instil values of teamwork, to bring continuous improvement, together with passion and purpose.


Today HNJ specializes in all aspects of precious metal production. The group's main strategic elements are, a manufacturing infrastructure in Pan Yu province China, employing 800, currently creating 1.2m units a year.
Central distribution and service centre located in Kowloon, Hong Kong routing product to retailers either directly or through two main company service providers in the USA and UK (Europe). HNJ inc USA and HNJ Europe provide all the modern business tools to supply, distribute and market across all market sectors.