Our experienced designers and CAD operators research all aspects of the high street, understanding market trends, effects of quality regulation and all the very latest innovations in technology applied to jewellery, and precious metals. Jewellery designed for the perfect mix that unites tradition and modernity offering retailers a seamless opportunity to market.


HNJ has been focused on implementing cutting edge techniques to achieve excellence in producing designs in all metal caratages and across many categories within the jewelry market. This began within the diamond and gemset product areas, but following substantial investment, now incorporates the production of light weight stamped products. We have becomes specialists throughout the world within this product category. In combining the 2 excellences this gives HNJ a fantastic USP to offer to customers. We have also focused on new laser processes to enable us to offer personalisation and have built up an enviable reputation in this valuable volume commercial sector which is extremely successful within the gifting sector.


With the sharp growth in internet sales the business has recognized the importance of the digital future, as we see the potential opportunities arising from both within the jewelry sector as well as those outside who no longer have the same barriers to entry. HNJ are able to deliver solutions for all routes to market.
The company has invested large amounts in IT development and are able to offer all forms of social media and marketing as well as packaging alternatives where required. As the routes to market have developed within the jewelry industry HNJ understands the need to remain at the forefront.


The HNJ Group has established itself within the jewellery industry as a company focused in its pursuit of innovation and manufacturing excellence, a company keen to invest time and resource to help the retailer to realize new markets. We have implemented a successful innovated management style inspired by our desire to offer support to enhance the consumer choice. HNJ has a varied customer base covering all sectors, and many high profile retailers, demonstrating their ability to work in a tailor made and flexible format.
Every customer is individual to HNJ who are committed to offering high quality products that meet international standards and showcase fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. HNJ provides the affinity between fashion and jewellery to maximize the ideal platform for sales.
The HNJ Group works with the volume market direct to warehouse, through to offering a distribution to the consumer through web based platforms. HNJ Group can supply individual design and product development programmes including exclusive packaging.


HNJ work with many different types of customers across all channels to market, from catalogue, to high street to digital. In addition to the traditional forms of service provided, this also includes photography, rich copy, website building and media interface. Having taken the fundamental decision to support the different sectors, it has meant that in delivering this to retailers, HNJ have now become a truly vertically integrated company, from concept through to retail.